The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, 2012

In 2012, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, and her daughter, Princess Anne, has let it be known that she can think of no more fitting tribute than the planting of trees. Indeed, she is the Patron of the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods’ project and has already turned out with a spade to help with the planting.

We intend to answer Princess Anne’s direct appeal to join in the celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by planting a new 60-acre wood at Keil Hill, to be called the Diamond Jubilee Wood. We now call upon both the local community and our worldwide community of Lairds to help with the labour of planting, which begins in March 2012. Together, in the words of Princess Ann “we can create something lasting and wonderful”.

This is a project which will be best appreciated by our children and grandchildren. During the Queen’s long reign, second only to Queen Victoria, she has planted thousands of trees. Those trees form a tangible part of her legacy. Our Diamond Jubilee Wood will form part of ours and will be a very fitting tribute to her.

Woodland scene

We are pleased to have the support of The Scottish Woodland Alliance and have been most appreciative of the advice given to us by the Woodland Trust** on the suitability of our proposed project.

The planting of the Diamond Jubilee Wood is our most ambitious project to date. Our plans have already been laid with the active support and expertise of  various conservation bodies.

Planted over several years, the Diamond Jubilee Wood will contain approximately 30,000 trees. At its heart will be a grove of exclusive Royal Oak saplings, presented to us by the Scottish Woodland Alliance. Each sapling has been grown from an acorn gathered from a royal estate around the country, making a fitting centrepiece to our wood.

The Diamond Jubilee Wood will link the existing mature oak/birch woods on the Keil Estate, Glencoe Wood and Lairds Wood. These are of great age and to complement and extend them our new wood will contain mainly birch. Birches make excellent pioneer trees, rapidly colonising any disturbed ground to form new woodland. In addition, we will plant rowan, willow (where the land is wet) occasional holly and sessile oak. Where the land is suitable, we will add small numbers of ash, aspen, alder, goat willow, gean, bird cherry, hazel, hawthorn and blackthorn to provide a diverse wildlife habitat. Birch “improves” the soil allowing development of a grass-herb flora on sites such as this. Birchwoods help the growth of herbs and grasses which are less common outside woods, and they support a very rich bryophyte flora, including many of the rarities that have been recorded at Keil Hill. Birchwoods also provide valuable habitat for woodland birds such as wood warbler, redstart and black grouse. The trees have a relatively short lifespan, and when fallen they rot quickly and provide a valuable habitat for fungi, beetles and hole-nesting birds.

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** Highland Titles acknowledges the valuable support given by the Woodland Trust during their visit to Keil Hill to inspect the site with us in 2011. The Woodland Trust confirmed that the land was entirely suitable for planting, but that as only 50 acres of the proposed new 60 acre wood would be newly planted (the other 10 acres being existing larch woodland and birch) we would not qualify to be included in their Diamond Woods scheme.

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  • Hey I got one of your souvenir plots for Christmas. Brilliant. I want to come and plant some trees for Her Majesty. She’s Queen of Scotland too you know. Are the details on

    • Hi Johnny,
      Thanks for your message. You can contact me directly for details – – I can add you to our volunteers list!
      Here’s some information:

      Highland Titles are very proud to announce their latest conservation project in honour of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

      In recognition of our Monarch’s 60 years on the throne, we are planting a sixty acre native Scottish broadleaf wood, to be known as the “DIAMOND JUBILEE WOOD”.

      This wood connects and extends the existing Glencoe and Lairds Woods.

      We are hoping to plant thousands of native broadleaf trees and we are very keen to welcome you all to come and plant a tree!

      There will be three planting days where we will welcome volunteers:

      TREE PLANTING DAYS at Keil Hill, Duror, Scotland

      Saturday March 24th 2012 – 10am – 4pm
      Saturday April 7th 2012 (Easter Saturday) – 10am – 4pm
      Saturday April 28th 2012 – 10am – 4pm

      To sign up as a volunteer and learn more about this exciting project, please contact Mrs Alex Flewitt or call 01481 823937

      • Alison Kerr:

        Good afternoon Lady Alex,
        I would like to be added to the volunteer list for the Jubilee tree planting programme. I think it is fantastic that we plant a mixture of our native (leaf) trees rather than just the fast growing (needle) trees. It is most pleasing to read that Scotland is continually planting trees rather than cutting them all down as is happening in other parts of our wonderful world. The rain forests are being cut back at an alarming rate. It gives me peace of mind that Scotland is somehow counter balancing this issue.
        I notice that you had posted past dates when tree planting had taken place and would like to ask if there will be more dates for planting arranged this year. I am keen to arrange a trip where myself, my daughter and a few others might be able to partake in the project.

        Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

        Warmest regards

        Alison Kerr

    • Tim Davidson:

      Yes, Johnny, we all know that HM is Queen of Scotland and what’s more the King of Scotland became king of England and not the other way round!

      So, if you’d be so good as to let President Alex Salmond know as well, we’s also be grateful!!

      God Save the Queen!


    • Colin:

      she is not Queen of Scotland, check your facts.

      Actually she is (Ed)

      • Colin:

        I respect this lovely Lady and all the good she has dun, but will never accept her as my Queen,

      • Sandra:

        HRH Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Great Britain, therefore Scotland is included, unless they got their independence and I missed it. The Queen is Queen of Scots and rightfully so.
        Please do not offend this magnificent institution, one which is admired and respected around the world. I am proud of being British with such a marvellous Queen to admire and respect.

  • Tony V:

    Thank you Your Majesty to You and Your family for all the good work You have done for our Country and for us all. May God Bless You always. +++

  • We are proud to have been selected to take part in The Queen’s Diamond Jubille Pageant on board our boat Angell Hardyll on The River Thames June 3rd 2012. Anyone who may be interested may follow us on Facebook Angell Hardyll or twitter AngellHardyll
    Tim & Pam

  • Joe Jones:

    From Canada, In London for the June celebrations what a great Idea ! Would love to plant a tree in her honor.

  • Heartiest congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth-II on completing 60 years of accession.

    God Save The Queen.

  • Lord Martyn:

    An excellent and wonderful idea for both the Sixtieth Anniversary of Her Majesty the Queens Accession to the Throne, and conservation. The more woodland the better, as this will benefit all for the future. I am sure that all the plans will be fully achieved.

    • Alison Kerr:

      I completely agree Lord Martyn and how fantastic it is that we plant a mixture of our native (leaf) trees rather than just the fast growing (needle) trees. It is most pleasing to read that Scotland are continually planting trees rather than cutting them all down as is happening in other parts of our wonderful world. The rain forests are being cut back at an alarming rate. It gives me peace of mind that Scotland is somehow counter balancing this issue.

  • Joan Paterson:

    Hi, interesting project, I’d be interested to know what species of trees you are planning on planting?

  • Such a wonderful way to preserve the earth and gift to the future generations.
    God save the Queen

  • Debra Burgoine:

    Many Congratulations to Her Majesty

  • peter:

    Highland Titles and the Scottish Woodland Alliance have teamed up to offer a very special way to celebrate babies born during the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee.

    The Highland Titles is creating 60 acres of new woodland at its Flagship Diamond Jubilee Wood site in heart of the Appin in Scotland, and a grove is to be dedicated to little ones born during this very special year.

    For years to come families will be able to enjoy the woodland, taking picnics, making dens and offering a wide range of stimulus and activity – sights, sounds, smells and places for hide and seek.

  • Scottishdancer:

    My wife and I are always pleased to roll our sleeves up and get involved in a good cause. If you need any more help just ask.

  • Ethyl Mccarville:

    Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what they’re talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to make conservation actually happen – not just talk about it. More people need to read this and understand how important planting trees is.

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